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A Forgotten Kindness

Driving through the pickup line at a fast-food restaurant I was blessed with a delightful experience.  I discovered that someone ahead of me had paid for my order.  I did not know who blessed me that day, but I became the recipient of a random act of kindness.  Every day we have opportunities to show simple acts of kindness to complete strangers.  These opportunities abound if we are looking for them.

            Joseph was unjustly imprisoned in Genesis 40.  He was soon joined by two other prisoners.  As he went about his duties, he noticed that they were gripped by emotional turmoil.  He inquired why they were so sad, and they both admitted they had just had disturbing dreams.  Joseph knew that his God gave him the ability to interpret dreams.  They told him about their dreams and Joseph kindly interpreted the dreams.  Joseph told the cupbearer the truth that his position with Pharaoh would be restored in three days.  He also spoke the truth to the baker that he would be executed by Pharaoh in three days.  When three days were up the cupbearer was restored back to his trusted position.  You would think that he would have put in a good word about Joseph who was an innocent man.  However, Gen. 40:23 says: “Yet the chief cupbearer did not remember Joseph; he forgot him".

            Joseph’s simple act of kindness was forgotten, and he had to remain in prison for two more years.  As I think of Joseph’s situation, we can learn some important lessons about showing kindness.  Be on the lookout for ways to show kindness.  Joseph noticed how sad the two prisoners were and he spoke to them. Joseph also teaches us that sometimes people will fail you.  The cupbearer was so wrapped up in his own good fortune that he forgot Joseph.  We will be hurt, forgotten, and mistreated by other people.  We must refuse to grow bitter, because showing kindness is its own reward.  Joseph also learned to wait on God.  God did not forget Joseph but had a wonderful plan for him.

            May all of us as God’s people have our eyes open to those who are hurting.  Let us look for ways to show simple acts of kindness.   

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