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A Hurricane Thanksgiving

This has been a very difficult season for those of us who live in Southwest Florida. Hurricane Ian has left its path of destruction everywhere you look. Piles of debris are everywhere, businesses have closed, and schools have been disrupted. Our once gorgeous coastal scenery is littered with fallen trees, twisted metal, and capsized boats. Most of us are waiting for insurance claims to come through so we can begin repairs on our homes. So much of the enjoyment in our daily lives has been affected by the hurricane.

We are about to celebrate another Thanksgiving. Some, in our area, perhaps have even been thinking about skipping the celebration of Thanksgiving this year. As we look around us, what can we be thankful for? Can we find anything amid the devastation of the hurricane to truly be thankful for? The Bible shouts to us never to skip our thanksgiving to God. 1Thess. 5:18 tells us: “In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you”.

What can we be thankful for? We can be thankful that God is still on the throne. Rev. 4:2 pictures God as seated on His throne in heaven. The hurricane could not blow Him from His position as Sovereign ruler of all. He will not be voted out of office, impeached, or term limited. His rule is not affected by anything. We can also be thankful that God uses such tragedies to accomplish His will. He can take this dark time and bring light out of it. One young lady in our church lost her job during the hurricane and God used that loss to draw her back to Himself. We can be thankful for the blessing of all those who worked together to help the hurricane victims in our area. Volunteers from all over the country came to clear debris, pass out essential supplies, cut trees, and even supplied food trucks distributing free hot meals.

Thanksgiving will be a little different this year as we gather with family, friends, and the people of God. We will be sure to remember all the many blessings that our God has showered upon us as we celebrate a Hurricane Thanksgiving.

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