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A Light to My Path

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Early in the morning before the sun comes up is the time for my walk. The pathway that I usually walk has some very dark sections so I finally obtained a wristwatch flashlight. On my walk my light illuminates any obstacles on the path so I won’t trip over them. My light keeps me from being run over by a bicycle or car. It also helps me to spot any wildlife on the trail. The other day I jumped as I thought I heard the sizzle of a snake, my light showed me it was only a sprinkler starting up.

The world that we walk through every day is a pretty dark place. It is essential that the child of God has a light. There is some good news for us as we walk the dark trails ahead of us. We have God’s Word as that light. Psalm 119:105 tells us: “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”. As we develop a regular time in reading and meditating on God’s Word it will become a bright light to help us get through the dark times. By its bright and piercing truth we will be able to discover the carefully laid snares of the devil that tempt us to sin. We will become aware of false teaching and dangerous vicious wolves on the trail. We can steer clear of dangerous ditches and side trails that will take us off the right path. The confusing shades of political correctness can be overcome by the clear light of biblical correctness. Our worries, our fears, our confusion, and our doubts can be illuminated by the brightness of God’s Word.

I put on my wristwatch flashlight when I take my predawn walks. It keeps me safe from anything that would cause me to stumble. Every child of God needs to put on a daily time in the Word of God. It too will become a light to your path.

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