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A Mother’s Sacrifice

               A teacher was trying to instruct her arithmetic class about fractions.  “John, suppose your mother made a peach pie and there were 10 of you at the table: your mother and father and eight children; how much of the pie would you get?”  John quickly replied: “a ninth, ma’am”.  “John, that is not the correct answer, now pay attention, remember there are 10 of you.  Don’t you know your fractions?” “Yes ma’am,” was the ready answer of little John, “I know my fractions, but I know my mother too.  She’d say that she didn’t want any pie.”

            We often hear of women who make their mark in the world by accomplishing great things or rising to important positions.  Society honors and recognizes women who rise above, advance further, and achieve more in our highly competitive world.  I think it is time we recognize another group of women: mothers.  Many of these women could have advanced in the eyes of the world but instead gave up their share of the pie for someone else: their children.

            A mother makes many sacrifices to meet the needs of her children.  She sacrifices her body to bring those little ones into the world.  She sacrifices her time to care for their daily needs.  Many times, she delays and even gives up a career to raise them.  She gives up her choice of a favorite restaurant to go somewhere that has toys inside the meal and a play area for the kids.  The list of sacrifices that the average mother has accumulated certainly deserves a Nobel Prize from every son or daughter and husband in the world.  How like our blessed Savior, “who gave himself a ransom for all…” (1 Tim. 2:6).  He sacrificed His very life so that we might have forgiveness of sins and a home in heaven.

            She may not be a great athlete, or a noted politician, or even a powerful C.E.O., but our mothers have earned our unwavering respect and our undying love for giving us their share of the pie.  Thanks mom, for your sacrifice.

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