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Almost Home

I don’t know about you, but I love to interrupt the daily routine of work with a time of vacation. My wife and I recently spent two weeks visiting family, attending a conference, and renewing old friendships. We delighted in the joy of playing with grandchildren, eating in different homes and restaurants and sleeping in different places. Our trip contained spiritual refreshment, and even allowed some time for rest. However the day came when our vacation time came to a close. We boarded the plane and headed for home. I had the window seat and viewed the familiar landmarks as we approached. We flew over the Peace River and then I said to myself that we were almost home. The delights of the trip were great but there is nothing better than coming home.

Followers of Christ are on an extended vacation. Really it is a working vacation. We have been given the responsibility and privilege of being witnesses for our Lord. We are to live for Him, speak for Him, and be His ambassadors during our time on this earth. Our true home is described as the Father’s House, or heaven. Sometimes our sojourn in this world gets extremely difficult. We often are called to bear our share of trials. Our bodies and our minds begin to wear out. Our abilities begin to lesson and our strength fades. However the Bible gives us amazing hope. We are almost home! One of the thieves on the cross next to Jesus asked the Lord to remember Him when he came into His kingdom. As he was suffering and about ready to die Jesus told him: "Assuredly, I say to you, today you will be with Me in Paradise" (Luke 23:43). The thief was almost home. Jesus promise gave him amazing hope.

One day the pain will be over and the perplexities of life will be solved. One day the sin and evil around us and within us will be gone. Take courage child of God we are about to cross the river. We’re almost home.

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