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Call for Help

Updated: May 1, 2023

The state of Florida has a service for motorists who travel the highways and find themselves stuck on the side of the road. Perhaps you have a flat tire or a stalled vehicle. The Road Rangers are there to provide limited no cost assistance to motorists. I remember a time when my car overheated on the interstate. I pulled over and called the Road Ranger number of *347 and they soon came to my rescue. Motor vehicles sometimes run out of gas or break down on the side of the road. I have found that we who know Christ as our Savior do the same. We sometimes get discouraged as we live for and serve our Lord.

Nehemiah’s people got weary with their wall-building efforts. The work was only half finished and the pile of rubble was looming in front of them. They were also intimidated by threats of attack by their enemies. Nehemiah gave the discouraged workers some important words to help overcome their weariness on the wall. I have found his words helpful for anyone who may be facing discouragement today. Nehemiah first told them to make a plan. He positioned people with swords, spears, and bows in critical areas. Developing a plan of action is vital when you may be attacked. He also encouraged his people to focus on the Lord. God’s strength and power would be more than enough to overcome any opposition. Additionally he told the people to sound a trumpet if they were being attacked. Their fellow workers would then rush to them and give assistance. This call for help is something we need to do whenever we find ourselves discouraged, defeated, and ready to quit. A trusted friend, a spiritual leader, or even a counselor can give valuable help when we find ourselves discouraged. I noticed that Nehemiah also told the workers to help each other. Some would stand guard while the others slept. They kept busy helping each other. One powerful way to fight off discouragement is to reach out and help someone else.

Do you find yourself weary and discouraged on the side of the road? Don’t be afraid to call for help. There are those Road Rangers out there who will be ready to assist.

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