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Hurricane Season Is Upon Us

Updated: May 1

Hurricane season is now upon us. We Floridians are beginning to think through what we should do to prepare just in case a hurricane steers its destructive path near us. Memories of past storms stick in the minds of those who have been here a while. Wind damaged homes and businesses, flooded living rooms, and power outages all testify to the devastation of a hurricane.

Jesus told a parable about two men who built a house. One built his house on the sand and the other built his house on a rock. The rains, the winds, and the floods came and beat on both houses. The house on the sand was destroyed and the house on the rock stood firm. Jesus said the man who built on the rock depicted those who believe and follow His teachings (Matt. 7:24-27). The only way to prepare for the storms is to make sure your life is built on the solid rock of Jesus Christ and His Word.

I believe that hurricane season has arrived upon the followers of Jesus Christ. The winds of secularism, humanism, atheism, materialism and relativism are blowing hard upon the wonderful foundations upon which our faith was founded. The foundation of moral absolutes is being dismantled with an attitude of moral relativism. The foundation of belief in God is being attacked by the winds of secular humanism. Common decency is ridiculed and the family is becoming an endangered species. Churches are experiencing the flood of doctrinal compromise and the constant pelting rain of the culture.

The psalmist laments in Psalm 11:3: “If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” I believe that we who know Christ need to rebuild those foundations. We can do that by studying the scriptures intensely. Individually, we need to be prepared to give an answer to anyone who would ask us questions about our faith. We can sandbag our churches against the erosion of truth. We also need to ensure that the next generation has a solid foundation for their faith.

Do you feel the wind beginning to blow? Hurricane season is upon us. How solid is your foundation? Get busy building on the solid rock.

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