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Living in a Lion’s Den

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

The Bible tells the story of Daniel who was forced to spend the night in a lion’s den. He was the victim of a smear campaign and political jealousy that resulted in a plot that tricked the king. King Darius was forced to have Daniel sentenced to death by lions. All night the king could not sleep because he was worried about Daniel. The next morning as the stone was removed, Daniel was found completely unharmed. God spared Daniel by sending His angel to prevent the lions from attacking him. Those who slandered him ended up being supper for the hungry lions.

Have you ever been in a lion’s den? Perhaps you are living in a situation with opposition, attacks, lies, and slander. Maybe you must put up with people who do not like you or who are out to get you in some way. How can we survive our personal lion’s den? As I observe Daniel there are a few things that stand out as possible reasons God protected him in the lion’s den. First, I notice that Daniel was faithful in his work life. Nothing was found in his service to the king that could be used against him. His integrity was unvarnished. I also notice that Daniel was faithful in his personal life. His life was carefully scrutinized, and no one could find any dirt on Daniel. No affairs, no scandal, no bribes could be found at all. Finally, we see that Daniel was faithful to His God. Even when a law was passed prohibiting prayer to any deity except the king, he prayed to His God three times a day. His walk with God was his supreme priority.

Living in a lion’s den is difficult. We may have a boss, co-worker, or even a family member that does not like us or even is actively trying to do us harm. God is still able to deliver His children from the lion’s den. Our job is simply to remain faithful. Faithful to our job, faithful in our character, and faithful to our God.

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