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Patch up Your Air Hose

During college one of the interesting jobs I enjoyed was working at a pallet company. We were supposed to build as many pallets as we could and if we built more than our quota we were paid a bonus. The lumber flew and the air hammers spit out their nails into the pine as we tried to build our quota of pallets. However the flurry of activity came to a halt when in our haste we happened to nail our air hose to the pallet. I remember when that happened to me the boss came over and after a few wisecracks showed me how to quickly repair the hose and get the air hammer back in service. Throughout my days at the pallet company my air hose gained a few more patched up places but it still put out the pallets, it still contributed to the cause.

God’s people often find themselves with a nail in their air hose. Perhaps some sin nails them down. It could be a financial hardship or physical crises takes the air out their hose. It could even be a marriage problem or family turmoil that stops their forward progress for the Lord. Our production for Christ may even get off track due to an emotional issue or depression. However we should not just quit when we get a nail in our air hose. God has a plan for us whenever we encounter these setbacks. If we have failed our Lord we simply need to confess that sin to Him, forsake it, and get back in service for Him. If we experience a physical or emotional problem we need to allow God to heal us from His Word. Dealing with our trials and problems is like the patching up an air hose.

The longer we are on the Christian journey the more places we will have where God has fixed us, healed us, and patched us up. We shouldn’t wait until we are completely free of problems before we serve Him, we should serve Him anyway. Patch up your air hose and get back to hammering for the cause of Christ.

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