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The Long Way Home

Have you ever noticed that when you take a trip that the interstate highway often is the quickest way to your destination? I fully realized this fact but on a recent trip across the state I decided that I wanted to take the scenic route. I soaked up the local flavor of small towns, winding roads, citrus orchards, and roadside boiled peanut stands. It was truly an interesting trip. But when it was time to return, I decided to forgo the scenic route and get on the interstate for a quicker trip back home.

The enticements and pleasures of sin often take us down a long road away from God. That road can keep us occupied with distractions and delights. It can lead us along until we find that we have traveled a great distance away from God. The prodigal son traveled a long way from home. He wasted his money on a party lifestyle in that far country. The Bible tells us in Luke 15 that he ran out of money and took a job feeding pigs and was so hungry he was about to eat with the pigs until, “he came to himself”. He decided it was time to go home to his father. He walked down that road in humility and repentance. When he was still a great distance from home his father saw him coming and ran to him and embraced him and welcomed his wandering son back home.

Some of God’s children seem to insist on taking the long way home. They leave the warmth of a loving Christian environment to waste their years and their strength on living for themselves and the devil. They choose friends that are only interested in what they can get out them. And they choose a lifestyle that leaves them hungry and empty.

Do you find yourself a long way from home? Perhaps you have wandered away from God and have taken a wrong turn somewhere. Don’t you think it is time to go back home? Don’t waste any more time. Take the shortest route. When you decide to go back home, you will find your Heavenly Father waiting for you with open arms.

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