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The Real Meaning of Easter

The lady in the checkout lane was frustrated and, in a hurry, she asked impatiently where the Easter egg coloring kits were. The helpful clerk directed her to the plastic eggs. She indignantly replied that she didn’t want plastic eggs, she wanted to boil and color her own eggs; after all, I want my child to know the real meaning of Easter.

The frustrated lady like many today missed the whole point. Easter is not about bunnies, bonnets, or baskets. It is not about Easter eggs real or plastic. It is not about candy or new clothes. It is about something much more meaningful. Easter is all about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Without the resurrection of our Savior from the dead there would be no forgiveness of sins, no guarantee of heaven and no Christian religion at all.

Easter is a historical event. Hundreds of witnesses give testimony that they viewed the resurrected Lord with their own eyes. The resurrection is one of history’s most well documented and factual events.

Easter is a supernatural event. Our faith is not based on a set of wonderful teachings. The disciples were not willing to put their lives on the line for the moral excellence of Christianity. God intervened in human history and became a man, died on a cross and then rose from the dead. Despite the skeptic’s attempts, the resurrection is a supernatural event.

Easter is a life-changing event. The fact of the resurrection transformed the cowering, fearful disciples into courageous witnesses of Christ. It has transformed the course of history. Just think of how dark and hopeless our world would be without Easter’s empty tomb. The resurrection can also transform our own life. By believing in the death and resurrection of Christ and taking Him as our Savior, our lives can experience a wonderful resurrection.

Easter eggs, baskets and hunts are fine and part of our culture. But this year why not go on a different kind of hunt? Why not search for the real meaning of Easter? You will find it in the person of Jesus Christ, our resurrected Savior.

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