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Where's the Heat

My wife and I just purchased a brand new washer and dryer unit. We were rejoicing and so grateful for our new acquisition. However my wife came to me the other day and shared that something seemed to be wrong with our newly purchased dryer. It wasn’t getting hot. All of the lights were working and the drum was tumbling the clothes but it was only cool air. I looked in the manual at the troubleshooting page but got no clue what was wrong. It was then that I began to get a little frustrated and was planning to call the store and demand that they fix my dryer. My wife then came and suggested that we pray about it before we go any further. We put the problem in God’s hands and then I called a friend who helped install the dryer. He shared with me that maybe the cord became partially unplugged allowing only 110 volts of power to reach the dryer. Sure enough when I plugged the dryer all the way in the heat came on. It was one of those praise the Lord moments.

I also learned one of those valuable lessons from the Lord. My wife shared with me that her devotions that morning were on the fruit of the Spirit which includes things like love, joy, peace and patience just to start. I think I was becoming a little unplugged myself from having the fruit of the Spirit control my attitude through this event. Does this kind of thing happen to you? Do you allow the little irritations of life, the conflicts with people, and the daily toll of responsibility to cause you to pull away from the Holy Spirit? We actually grieve the Spirit with our anger and our complaining attitudes. Have you noticed that when that happens things just go around and around like my dryer without producing any lasting results?

We need to plug in all the way to the fruit of the Spirit. It is then the heat returns to our lives and we will accomplish much more for our Lord.

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