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Window Shopping

Updated: May 1

I am sure that people still do it; though window shopping is not as popular as it once was. Peering through the actual store windows just looking for a potential purchase has taken on different forms in our day. Window shopping has evolved through the catalogue stage, to the store flyers stage, and now to the internet stage. People today, scroll through their apps trying to find just the right purchase for their needs or their desires. They don’t have to get in their cars, they don’t even have to leave their homes. They can get whatever they want delivered to their home. This seems to take all the fun out of it to me.

Window shopping may be a thing of the past but there is a certain type of window shopping that we dare not do away with. God wants us to keep gazing through the window of His Word to see what He has to offer that pertains to our spiritual lives.

When we gaze into His Word we will discover the unspeakable treasures of our inheritance. Paul relates to us in Ephesians 3:8: To me, who am less than the least of all the saints, this grace was given, that I should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ”. We have forgiveness and eternal life in Christ. We have been promised a home in heaven and a joyful purpose for this life. All through the book we can learn so much that God has in store for those who love Him. The more we gaze into His Word we will also see the delightful garment of Christlikeness we are called to wear. Our Lord invites us to take upon our own self the beautiful likeness of Jesus. Gal. 5:22,23 calls it the fruit of the Spirit: “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law”. One final thing we see in the window of His Word is the beauty of Jesus Himself. God reveals the glory, the majesty, and the matchless wonder of our Savior through the His Word. We see His holiness and His meekness. We discover His grace and taste His mercy. We see His lowliness in His first coming and His triumph at His second coning.

Window shopping will always be a delight when we gaze into the window of His Word.

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