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Cutting Corners

It is natural for us to look for ways to get things done quicker or easier. If we are doing a job and find that we can cut a few corners here and there we are tempted to do it. In the Bible we are told about David who was on the run from King Saul. David was to be the new king of Israel but Saul was not about to move over. As a matter of fact he actively pursued David and tried to kill him. David was hiding in a cave when Saul came into the cave. David’s men urged him to kill Saul. In 1 Samuel 24:11 we read: Then the men of David said to him, "This is the day of which the LORD said to you, Behold, I will deliver your enemy into your hand, that you may do to him as it seems good to you. And David arose and secretly cut off a corner of Saul's robe.” David did not kill Saul but cut off a corner of his robe. Later even this action brought regret to David.

Just as David was involved in cutting a corner we as believers cut corners as well. We can cut corners by getting ahead of God. Instead of patiently waiting on Him to work things out in our lives we want to give Him a little help by taking things into our own hands. Sarah did this by suggesting Abraham to produce children through Hagar. We all know the heartache this cutting of corners caused. Peter cut a corner when he lashed out with his sword and cut off the ear of the high priests servant. He was getting ahead of the Lord even though his heart was in the right place the Lord rebuked him. We can cut corners also by not obeying God specifically. We think that the Bible is like a game of horseshoes: close enough is good enough.

Sometimes we think that we can help God out by our own action and our partial obedience. Let’s stop cutting corners with the Lord.

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