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He Came Down that He Might Bring Us UP!

The helpless baby on the hay was much more than meets the eye. He was the eternal Son of God who took upon Himself human flesh and was born in a manger. He is absolute deity and sinless humanity united in one person forever.

Christ came down. But the reason He came down is that He may bring us up. But have you ever considered how far Christ had to come down?

He came down from the highest glories of heaven…

to walk the lowly paths of service.

He descended from the company of Angels…

to mingle with fallen humanity.

He came down from eternal riches…

to experience humble poverty.

He came down from His royal position at the Father’s right hand…

to live the rough-hewn life of a carpenter’s son.

He came down from His glorious omnipotent power…

to the fragile frame of a helpless babe.

He left behind the crown…

and surrendered to the cross.

Why did He come down? So that He might bring us up.

But have you ever considered how far Christ brought us up?

He brought us up from the depths of our sin to the wonders of salvation

He brought us up from our darkness to His glorious light

He brought us up from our lost condition to being found by God.

He brought us up from being children of the world to being Sons of God.

He brought us up all the way from our destiny of hell to the glories of heaven.

He came down as a helpless baby

to die on a hideous cross

to bring us to our heavenly home.

That is what Christmas is all about:

Have you made Him your Savior?

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