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Help Wanted

Updated: May 1

Help wanted signs seem to be everywhere. Due to the Covid 19 outbreak business are having a hard time filling position. Some companies have raised their starting wage and even offered hiring bonuses to attract workers. Job fairs, internet websites, and billboards are pleading for employees. I recently saw one fast food restaurant that said: “Now hiring… people that show up”. Today the unemployment rate is low but who knows what the economy and the job market will do in the future.

Our Lord has put help wanted signs all through His Word. God has chosen to use those who believe in Him to accomplish His purpose in the world. We need to read and respond to our Lord’s help wanted signs of getting out the gospel to those who are lost. Jesus said in Luke 10:2: Then He said to them, "The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest”. Everywhere we go we need to answer our Lord’s call to plant the seeds of the gospel, invite people to church and give our testimony to others.

Another help wanted sign our Lord puts before us is to care about our fellow believers. Jesus told Peter in the upper room to “feed my sheep”. The early church was occupied with caring for the needs in the body of Christ. The New Testament is filled with one-another challenges. We should encourage, admonish, care, and love one another. Meeting the spiritual and physical needs of other believers are how we can feed His sheep.

One other help wanted sign the Lord gives us is a challenge to be salt and light. I believe this has to do with our Lord’s call to live a life that honors Him and attracts others to Him. As salt has a distinctive flavor we should always live a life that is saturated in the character of Christ. Light is desperately needed in our dark world. We who know Christ need to shine brightly reflecting the beauty of Jesus.

Our Lord has hung His help wanted signs all through His Word. He needs laborers in His harvest, those who will feed His sheep, and those who will be salt and light. Will you answer the call?

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