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Power Failure

Updated: May 1

The jumper cables were attached to the dead battery and the vehicle with the fully charged battery was started. I tried but for some reason the dead-battery vehicle did not even attempt to start. Then I noticed the smell of electrical smoke. The battery cables were melting. I quickly shut off the engine and noticed that I had attached the cables to the wrong terminals; hence, the power failure.

The Bible speaks of another power failure in the book of Acts. The apostle Paul had experienced the power of God in his ministry in Ephesus. Some people who were possessed by demons were delivered. This display of spiritual power was noticed by seven sons of a man named Sceva. The sons also attempted to cast out a demon by using the name of Jesus and the Apostle Paul in their incantation ritual. When they attempted this the demon spoke: “Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are you?" Acts 19:15). The demon possessed man then attacked all seven and overpowered them. They ran out of the house naked and wounded.

This power failure reveals some important lessons for us. First is the danger of being attracted to the power of Jesus rather than the person of Jesus. These seven men did not know Christ as their Savior yet they wanted His help to advance their career. They were involved in the business of exorcism. When they witnessed Paul casting out demons in Jesus name, they thought if they did the same they could cast out the demon too, thus enhancing their success. So many people are attracted to Christianity by what they think they can get out of it. Another lesson we should learn is not to attempt to ride on someone else’s spiritual power. We must make sure that our relationship with Christ is our own, not borrowed from someone else. We must develop our own close walk with Him in His Word and prayer. Finally, we need to learn to be aware of religious charlatans. Sceva’s sons still abound in our day.

Are you experiencing a power failure? Have the forces of evil overcome you? Make sure you are connected properly to Jesus Christ?

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