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Rebuilding the Walls

Updated: May 1, 2023

Several years ago, our church decided to build a kitchen addition to the existing building. I watched as the sweat-soaked bricklayers labored diligently in the 94-degree heat. The project was a team effort that required everyone to do their part. Someone had to mix the concrete, someone had to prepare the surface, and several had to actually lay the bricks. It was great to see the exterior wall of our church’s new kitchen gradually take shape.

Hard work, careful attention, and a team effort were required to build another wall. In the book of Nehemiah, we read how he supervised the rebuilding of the wall around Jerusalem. There were those who desired to see the work stop and even threatened to tear down the wall. So in Nehemiah 4:17 the workers used one hand to work at the construction project and the other to hold a weapon. Each family had a specific portion of the wall they were responsible for and worked efficiently. The wall rebuilding project was finished in only fifty-two days.

We have walls that constantly need rebuilding in the church of Jesus Christ. We are trying to build Christ-like character in the lives of believers and develop fully devoted followers of Jesus. In order to accomplish this difficult task, it requires some sweat-producing hard work. Godliness does not come naturally and is only seen in us when we discipline ourselves in Bible reading, fervent praying, and holy living. Godliness is not produced all by ourselves either, just as Nehemiah’s wall was not the work of one individual. A team effort is needed. We must stand alongside fellow believers in the church family to encourage and help each other. We must also be on guard for an enemy that wants to tear down everything we have attempted to build. Our archenemy the devil hates us and every church that is building godly followers of Christ.

Hard work, a team effort, and a careful defense are needed in building godly character in the body of Christ. How is your own wall building coming along?

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