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Standing on Holy Ground

Updated: May 1

God was planning to use Moses for the monumental task of leading the people of Israel out of slavery in Egypt to their own “promised land”. Before Moses would be spiritually strong enough for the task, He had to have a special one on one time with the Lord. In Exodus chapter 3 God appeared to Moses in the burning bush. He revealed Himself to Moses and enlisted him for service. At the burning bush he was told to take his shoes off out of a holy reverence for Almighty God. Moses was standing on that ‘holy ground” as he began his adventure with the Lord.

My wife and I recently enjoyed a vacation to our hometown. We traveled around visiting various places where our journey of faith began. We visited the restaurant where we met and worked as teenagers. We recalled those early years of a romance that has extended 50 years. I also attended the church where I came to Christ and stood on the holy ground where I made my decision for Jesus. I gave Him thanks for saving that boy of 13. Later in the week my wife and I took a journey to a country church near Tangier Indiana. It was there that we both went forward as 19 year olds and dedicated our lives to Christ and told Him we would follow Him wherever He would lead. Our vacation became somewhat a tour of the “holy ground” where God met with us and did some amazing things in our lives.

Everyone needs some “holy ground”. A place where you meet and learn about God. A place where you worship and commune with God. A place where you commit to serving God. Your holy ground could be in a church or in your own bedroom. It could be in your car or by a creek side. Visiting holy ground should become a regular part of our lives. We need to turn aside from the cares and responsibilities of life to spend time with our Lord. Any spiritual strength and victory over evil begins by standing on “holy ground”. However, like Moses we must remember to take our shoes off.

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