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The Magnificence of God

               The Magnificent Frigate Bird is a resident of tropical and subtropical habitats.  It can be seen soaring over water with barely a flap of its wings.  I can imagine that whoever named this bird looked up in awe of its effortless flight and the word magnificent seemed best to describe it. The word magnificent means majestic, excellent, impressively beautiful, or striking.

            The psalmist uses that word to describe God in Psalm 8:1: “Lord, our Lord, how magnificent is your name throughout the earth! You have covered the heavens with your majesty”.  David addresses the Lord as Yahweh and says that His name is magnificent. He praises his Lord for who He is.  He is the self-existing one.  His name is above every name, He is high and lifted up, and deserves our humble worship.

David goes on to describe the magnificence of the Lord’s creation.  The heavens, the moon and stars, the sheep and oxen, the birds and fish are all made by Him.  When we examine the expanse of the universe, or gaze at the delicate beauty of a butterfly, or listen to the mighty roar of a waterfall we must also say, how magnificent is Your name throughout the earth.  His creation should leave us in awe and wonder of our Lord.

David goes one step further in describing the magnificence of God.  In verse 4 he says: “what is man that you are mindful of him”.  David is amazed at the magnificent grace of God that He would stoop to create man.  He made man in His own image and crowned him with glory and honor and gave him dominion over the creation.  The Lord in His magnificent grace also continuously cares for and looks out for man, His most prized creation.

The next time you gaze into the sky and see a Magnificent Frigate Bird soaring majestically, look a little higher to our magnificent God.  Exalt Him for His magnificent name.  Praise Him for His magnificent creation. And thank Him for His magnificent grace.

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